About Us

A small but enthusiastic, reliable and highly dedicated team! A passionate mother and an inspirational daughter placing their heart and soul in to handcrafted bundles of joys for you, your friends and your family or any occasion.


This woman has a history of celebrities craving her flowers! From Cliff Richard, Chris White and our personal favorite our beloved Queen of England! The creative force that is wonder woman! Linda prides herself in providing special farewell arrangements and goes above and beyond to place loved one’s memories and to bring a spark to your day! Contact Linda for more information by clicking here.


Jessica’s passion for art and design give her floristry real flare! Jessica brings fresh and existing idea with her ever increasing knowledge! Jessica’s keen eye for detail and constant upbeat attitude makes her near enough perfect! Jessica is a first-class expert at Wedding arrangements and really will bring your visions to life for your big day! Contact Jessica for more information by clicking here.

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